Film: Superbad, The Hangover ....I love comedies!!
TV Prog: Celebrity Juice! The Apprentice
Album: Tinie Tempah - Discovery
Drinks: Malibooombooom and lemonade. I love a good cuppa too!!! (tea)
Chocolate: Dime Bar
Fave Make up: MAC face and body foundation and Benefit coralista blusher
Fave Colour: Purple
Car you drive: Red VW Lupo called Ruby
Dream car: Snap same as the sis! ^^^^ FIGARRROOOO
Fave Food: ANYTHING – I love food! But fave thing...maybe a chicken korma!
Places to go: TGI Fridays, Nandos,
Hobbies: Dancing all night on nights out, Shopping (obvs) writing songs, Eating, socialising, doing NOTHING with good friends
Pets: Three Poms called Hunny, Buddie and Hugo!!!
Fav item of clothing: My festival hat, funky patterned tights! Cute dresses....iit’s impossible to pick one favourite item!!!

Film: A League Of Their Own
TV Prog: One Tree Hill & Celebrity Juice
Album: Rihanna - Loud
Drinks: Cheeky Vimto
Chocolate: Snickers
Fave Make up: Maybeline foundation – 24 hr stay
Fave Colour: Pink
Car you drive: Fiat Seicento .. yellow
Dream car: Figaro pink
Food: Potato waffles
Places to go: TGI Fridays ,
Hobbies: kickboxing, writing music, going out having a good time!
Pets: dog called Dory!
Fav item of clothing: dresses. High heels